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​​​​​​​NZLCC offers business management and practical management support services to businesses interested in refining systems and promoting growth. In addition to this NZLCC launch and support European products from companies wanting to expand into NZ and Australia​​​

Business services: Our comprehensive approach to business management services ensures each company in our portfolio maximises it’s potential while at the same time developing a strong business structure. The NZLCC team have an extensive background in executive level strategic planning and financial management along with many years day to day practical business management experience. NZLCC’s involvement in your new and growing business will provide invalu​able input to ensure year on year growth and goal specific achievements. 

Product launch services: ​Our efficient and direct approach to introducing your products to new markets gives you total control of cost, timescale and results. Our experience and involvement reduces your risk in testing, launching and managing your business.​ With strong demand for European products in a familiar western market place, NZLCC’s New Zealand based team will oversee all aspects of your expanding business.​